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Today we are going to talk about a kind of escort service that has been talked about a lot and we have received questions about this kind of escort and escort service.

We are of course talking about upscale escorts and escort services.

We will answer all your questions regarding what kind of a service this is and also differentiate it from the standard and the VIP escort services.

We will not be answering the regular questions such as why men hire prostitutes and why do men buy sex and what is the difference between escorting and prostitution and if they are the same. You can find the answers to these questions in a previous blog.

However, this blog will help you understand everything about upscale escorts and escort services.


This is probably one of the most burning questions that you might have had and upscale escorts are escorts of the best kind with the most experience.

If you want to compare all our services and define upscale escort services in a single sentence it would be that the upscale escort service by Masti With Aarushi is the best escort service in Goa and Bangalore.

It is by far the most detailed service and it is even more detailed than the VIP service because in this level of escort services, you are only going to get Goa model escorts or Bangalore model escorts and they are going to be some of the finest women in the country.

The service encapsulates everything and everything that the client asks for and is going to be accommodated and we have had clients that have wanted a simple dinner and we get clients that have wanted us to book an entire beach for them, we have of course done both.

Upscale escorting is not just about the extravagance of the entire thing but it is more to do with the refinement that the escort brings to the equation. Of course, you can even have a date on a helicopter if you want, there is no holding back at extravagance.

But at these levels, our clients simply want the quality of the experience and not the quantity. You do not fly first class to sample all the food and to utilise all the amenities, you do it because it’s genuinely the better option.


Without going too much on the specifics because of our adherence to confidentially we can tell you something and that is the people who hire upscale escorts are some of the finest people in the world.

They have complex refined tests and they have a no-tolerance policy for compromise.

Here’s an example, perhaps one of our clients loves a sudden flower bouquet on the date and perhaps that flower is only available on a different continent, we will make sure to have that very kind of flower ready for them on their table when they are on a date.

Perhaps a certain client is multilingual and likes to communicate in multiple languages and therefore we will make sure that the upscale escort is also multilingual and can appreciate his taste in language and diversity and can be a good complement to him.

Most of our upscale escort clients are wealthy and are from the one percent of the one percent of society and these wealthy gentlemen love complex beautiful escorts who are not only good to sit with but they are extremely good at conversations and know exactly how to speak and what to speak.


Everything has to do with personality and preference. The clients that usually hire upscale escorts are some of the most passionate and adventurous men who happen to be some of the most successful men and with that being said, they are also some of the busiest people around who do not like to waste time.

With that being said, they do not want to spend time with an amateur or probably someone who gets hired by the average person. They want the perfect experience every time with someone who understands their taste and who understands complexity and nuances.

They prefer the quality to be so good and the person to be so understanding and on the same level as them, that money is not a consideration that they usually think about.

It has often been the case that we were simply handed blank checks because of the level of trust that we have been able to inspire among our esteemed clients. The only thing was that they had to have the best experience.


If you can then you must definitely have this experience because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and once you hire an upscale escort you will never hire anything else because the experience is so much better.

We will keep the level of our services will be standard and good no matter which kind of service you hire but the difference will be everything to do with the escort.

We hope we have been able to help you understand the concept of an upscale escort and why gentlemen usually prefer hiring upscale escorts rather than any escort.

We welcome you to check out our services and we welcome you to experience an amazing time with some of the most beautiful women.

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