Hiring an escort is like going on a date. There are certain things that you should not do before you go on a date. Those things also apply to your date with an escort.


That is why we will help you understand what are some things that you should not do before you go on a date with an escort. Of course, you can do them but doing that will make you uncomfortable as well as the escort and are unpleasant.


These are things that you should not eat or drink before you go on a date with an escort. We are only going to be talking about food and drink substances.


Because other than that, there are things like smoking, drugs and doing illegal substances.


You already know that you should not be doing that for your health such as smoking and also because of its strong smell.


You should avoid things like drugs because it is not good for your health and of course illegal in India.


So, let us look at some of the things that you should not eat or drink before you go on a date with an escort.






We are going to start off the list which strong-smelling foods. There are certain kinds of food that have a very distinct smell.


The smell of those food items is so strong that they overpower any other smell. These food items can be things like onions, cheeses and garlic. If you consume them then you already know the smell can stay in your mouth for hours.


Then there are other food items such as different kinds of spicy foods. While they do not have an unpleasant smell like onion or garlic but they have a very strong smell.


You do not want the other person to know what you had for lunch. That is why you should avoid strong-smelling food and food that causes bad breath.





One of the other things that you do not want to do before going on a date with an escort is consuming excessive caffeine.


While having too much caffeine in the form of coffee or energy drinks or food will not make your breath smell bad. But having too much caffeine can have side effects that will make your personality difficult to bear.


Having too much caffeine can give excessive energy but just for a temporary period of time. But this is not natural energy and it can make someone very anxious. In certain cases, it can also make people very angry and annoyed.


You want to have a neutral character and personality when you visit and escort. That will give them the same space and comfort to communicate with you properly.


You do not want to be anxious and jittery. It will ruin your experience as well.




Alcohol is something that can ruin any engagement and interaction. Of course, we are not talking about having a single beer or a single drink.


We are talking about excessive consumption of alcohol such as having the entire bottle etc. If you do that you are going to waste your own money.


This is because it is always a good idea to stay alert and active and take in the full experience of meeting this beautiful woman. If you are half-conscious because of alcohol then you are not going to enjoy the experience.


It is also not going to be very attractive for the escort to find you in a drunk state. In fact, we would suggest you to avoid alcohol in general not just for the date because alcohol is bad for you.


But of course, if you drink responsibly then there is nothing wrong with that. Another reason why you should not consume excess alcohol is that you might probably have a few drinks with the escort too.


If you meet the escort already drunk then you will not be able to enjoy all the drinks and conversations with the escort.




You should never eat a heavy meal before going on a date with an escort. This is because if you are already full then you cannot enjoy good food with the escort.


But most importantly, if you consume foods that cause indigestion then you are going to feel very bad and feel acidity in your stomach. Spicy foods generally cause things like indigestion and gas.


That is not a good feeling.  Spicy meals will make you feel bloated and will cause you to burp a lot.


It is not a good feeling and that is why you should avoid foods that cause bloating. Along with that, you should also avoid foods that cause indigestion.


Instead of heavy meals, you can have a little snack or two. Perhaps eat a salad or something healthy. Or maybe even an organic juice without milk.




Things like beetroot or even certain kinds of onions, drinks like coffee and wine or even dark sauces can colour your teeth.


It can even be things that are specific to the Indian menu such as Palak Paneer which tends to get stuck in the teeth.


There is why you should not eat or drink something that has a very strong colour. It can even be a cold drink that has a lot of artificial colours.


Sometimes it can even be things like ice cream or a popsicle or even chewing gum. If you do that then you are going to go on a date with coloured teeth.


That is something not very attractive and it might even be embarrassing for you. That is why you should have regular food that does not have a lot of colours in it.


These tips are not just for going on a date with an escort but you can apply these tips before going on any social engagement.


You must also try to avoid things like drinking a lot of water. We all know very well what will happen if you drink a lot of water before going on a date.


We hope this blog is helpful for you to understand what are the things that you should not consume before going on your escort booking.


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