Today we are going to talk about how to manage sexual pressure as we talk about how to control sexual urges in a relationship.


You might be someone who is in a relationship and you might be someone with a lot of sexual urges and desires but your partner might not like regular sex and you might find it difficult how to manage sexual pressure.


You might try multiple ideas and you might read a lot of books on how to have self-control sexually and manage sexual pressure in a relationship and you might not see any results.


You might read blogs about sexual urges examples and actually find out that it is relatable to your situation and it might be difficult for you to find ways to battle your sexual temptations, you might even turn to religion for help without any solution.


That is why this is the perfect blog for you because this blog is going to help you in resisting sexual pressure and if you are someone who has to deal with being pressured to have sex then this is also going to help you.


So, let us look at how to handle being pressured into having sex or how to control sexual desires.






One of the most common cases that occur is that your partner might pressure you into having sex with them and you might not like it but sometimes your partner might not know the fact that you do not enjoy having regular sex.


You might think that you have communicated it to them but it is in fact not adequate and this is why you need to communicate as clearly as possible to your partner that you do not enjoy being pressured into sex every day or multiple times. You must tell them with brutal honesty so that there might not be any room for speculation about whether you like it or not.


The only way to get out of this situation is to be as frank as possible no matter if it hurts your partner’s feelings.




Sex is not something that should be forced and if you force sex then the entire definition of sex can change and you might even land up in prison. That is why if you are someone who has more sexual desires than your partner and you sometimes pressure them into sex then you must ask for their consent before doing that.


You might think it is alright to have sex with them randomly since they are your partner but even if they are your spouse it does not make it okay to have sex with someone without their permission. You are my think that you are in the right but you are actually in the wrong in this scenario.




Often times the difference between standing up for something wrong and not standing up is education and understanding whether something is actually wrong. Your partner might force you into sex all the time and you might not even think it is wrong but it is actually wrong and you should read books about it and you should do a little bit more research in order to understand what is actually a healthy relationship.


A healthy relationship is not a relationship where a partner can force their partner to have sex and that is why you need to educate yourself about boundaries and take educated decisions whenever you are having sex with your partner.




Oftentimes you might not know whether something is wrong but you can have a feeling that something is wrong and if you actually feel that what your partner is doing is actually wrong then you should trust your instincts or your gut feeling in order to do so.


Sex should not feel bad and it should not feel forced and if you feel uncomfortable while having sex with your partner then you must act on that feeling and communicate it to them and take further action if they do not understand what you mean.




If you feel overwhelmed about a situation then it is never wrong to seek outside help because you might not know the answer to something and you might not know the solution and it is never wrong to seek professional help.


It might start with your instincts whether you feel bad about something and that should be enough for you to go to a therapist and tell them about your situation and they will help you understand the situation even more clearly and even offer you solutions.


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