You might have the idea of hiring an escort and spending a memorable time with them and you might have even planned a few places to visit with an escort.


This is actually a very good idea because hiring a high-class escort is something amazing because you are going to get the right travel companion and have a few unforgettable moments with an escort.


You might have probably travelled with an escort girl and planned your holiday with an escort already and we can assure you that a lot of our clients plan their holidays and these holidays are not a sex vacation destination with escorts but a fairly amazing time to explore new places and to be with someone beautiful and passionate just like you and have amazing new experiences.


Since we are Masti With Aarushi, the most premium escort agency in Bangalore with some of the finest escorts in the industry, we can help you plan your vacation with an escort with these few tips.






One of the first things that you have to think about when you are planning your holiday with an escort is the destination because your holiday will depend a lot on the choice of destination.


You can’t just pick any odd destination to have a romantic getaway with your escort because it will have to be something secluded and something amazing and private.


There is a simple technique to pick a destination that will be an amazing choice 9 times out of 10 and we are going to tell you about this simple technique.


When you are planning your destination for you get away with the escort you must not think like a client who is hiring a professional but you must think like a boyfriend or husband.


This will allow you to shortlist the destinations that are actually perfect for a couple’s holiday and once you do that you will have a fairly short and amazing list to choose from.


You must make sure that the destination is within your budget and you are good to go.


One simple rule of thumb is to not think about it too much and a safe bet on a destination that can be amazing most of the time would be a beach or coastal area with a lot of beaches.




Now that you have planned your destination you must think about the budget.


We will not suggest you an exact budget in terms of money because that is something totally up to you but we will suggest ways to figure out your budget yourself.

You should not have a budget that is too outlandish and that hurts your bank balance because if you spend too much this time then the next time whenever you plan something like this you will think about how much you have spent and you will never go on a holiday retreat.


You must make sure that the budget is a little more than sufficient for all the basic necessities and a few luxuries.


By that, we mean you must calculate your hotel fair and travel costs and also breakfast lunch and dinner and multiply it by as many days that you are going to stay over there.


After you have calculated all these, you must make sure to keep a little bit more with you because you never know when you might need extra cash on a holiday.


But you must make sure not to carry too much with you because this is a psychological thing and the more cash you carry the more you might think it is okay to spend.





By now you have decided upon the destination and budget, but they are still one more important thing that you must plan and that is also one of the most important things for your holiday.


We are talking about the duration of your holiday because you are probably a working professional and you simply do not have one or two empty weeks to spend luxurious time.


Therefore, the best option is to actually first plan out your budget. Then you must divide that budget into probably 3 or 4 sections and then see if one section of that budget is enough for a day where you are going.


A simple thing that most of our clients do is to go on a holiday during the weekends. They usually start that journey Friday night and they have the entire Saturday and Sunday to them where they can get back on Monday.


This way you are not skipping work and it will probably be the perfect time because wherever you might visit everything will be open for the weekend.



We hope this blog has been helpful for you to plan your trip with your beautiful female friend and if you are someone who is looking for a reputable escort agency to hire some of the most beautiful women for your holiday then we are here to help you.


We are Masti With Aarushi escort services and we are the most premium escort agency in Bangalore.


We will not only help you in finding the perfect escort for your trip but we will also help you in planning the trip and we will also make a few good suggestions for you.


We do hope that you enjoy this trip and we also welcome you to check out our services.

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