Today we are going to talk about how to last longer in bed and how to stay in bed for longer while having sex. This is a very complex topic but a very common topic as there are a lot of people out there who face this problem and it can be quite frustrating.


It is not your fault and it is the fault of your habits and your lifestyle and if you can make certain changes in them and if you can do certain things then that will greatly improve your performance in bed.


You might have also asked questions like what to eat before sex to last longer or what kind of exercises will improve your self-control and help you last longer.


We are going to answer everything about those questions and much more on how to last longer during sex and we are going to talk about a few techniques and a few solutions which will definitely help you.


So, let us find out how to stay in bed for longer while having sex.






We cannot stress this enough but in order to last longer in bed you must know the art of foreplay where you can utilise everything from sex toys to sexual stimulation and much more in order to make the most out of the moment.


If you want a delayed orgasm then you need to focus on foreplay where you can do things like oral stimulation and anal stimulation with your partner there you might explore different parts of their body in order to give them a sensation of heavenly pleasure.


Foreplay will also help you last longer because you are not directly stimulating yourself for orgasm and it will give you a break to regain your strength. You can do foreplay between sex or before sex.




The pause-squeeze method is one of the most helpful things you can try but we must warn you this is not for everyone and only a few people might actually have complete success with this method if done correctly.


This method can be compared to edging but it is actually a way for you to relax for a few seconds so that you can begin your orgasm and delay it. This will only help in the correct situation.


If you are having sex and if you are performing penetration with your partner and you feel like you are about to ejaculate then you must pull out your penis and you must keep on squeezing the sensitive tip of your penis for multiple seconds.


This will stop the urge to ejaculate and it will give you a break and it will let your penis rest which will give you enough time to continue the intercourse once again. Once you keep on practising this method you might get very good at it and you can see a considerable difference in your performance.




While you might not agree with eating healthy or eating more greens for better sex but you might agree with the statement that healthy people have better sex. That is why they are a lot of things to do if you want to become physically healthy and one of the most important things to do is to eat healthily.


This means cutting out junk food and high-calorie food and only consuming things that you can prepare yourself at home with healthy ingredients and without a lot of fat or oils. You must also try baked food rather than fried food because you do not need a lot of oil to bake something.


Consult with a dietitian and plan out a better diet for yourself that is healthy and balanced.




This is one of the less scientific ways but this is one of the most effective ways of making sure that you last longer in bed and it is to simply masturbate before you do sex.


This is simply going to help you delay your ejaculation because you just had an ejaculation because of masturbating a few minutes ago and that is why this is something very effective for people who find it difficult to last longer because if you decrease the flow then you are bound to get slow.


While we understand that it is not always possible but whenever it is possible and whenever you are having planned sex you can try this method.




If you can tighten your pelvic muscles then you can control a lot of your ejaculations a lot better and if you have control over your muscles and have strength in them then you can last a lot longer.


This is a very scientific method where if you can control your pelvic floor muscles which is the muscle that lies just below your prostate then you can also control the flow of sperm and have more predictable ejaculation.


That is why you must tell your gym trainer that you need to do more pelvic muscle exercises in order to make sure that you are strong in your core and in your pelvic muscles and doing Kegel exercises are also quite a good idea.




One of the things that happen during sex is overstimulation and sometimes in order to avoid that the only thing you can do is change positions. This is because some positions might be too stimulating for you and other positions might be just less sensitive enough so that you can hold back the ejaculation a bit longer.


This is because some positions require more body-to-body contact and that can be very stimulating for someone and that can lead to ejaculation or even premature ejaculation and sometimes if you are not used to that you can get an ejaculation but if you change the position to a position where there has less skin contact then you can last longer.





If any of these methods do not work then the only option for you to do is to talk to a health care provider or a sex therapist because you should have no shame in visiting a sex therapist because it is not your fault that you are having premature ejaculation, it can happen to anyone.


Your sex therapist will be very helpful for you and it will be the proper way to do things because they are trained medical professionals and they know exactly the cause of the problem because that is their job and they are specialists in this problem.


We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to understand what to do in order to stay longer in bed while having sex.


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