Covid 19

We all have been through covid-19 and we all know how difficult it was for everyone.  Especially if you are from the city then you must understand that covid-19 took very little time to spread.

Today we are going to talk about our experience as professional escorts and how working in a post covid world is challenging and different.

Before we do that, let’s talk about how covid-19 hit our services and how we had to adapt.


When the pandemic was beginning, we had no idea about the shape it would take.  We also had no idea how much of an impact it will have on our professional escort services.

The thing you have to understand here is that escort services are very close contact services, which means that we have to be very close to our clients and give them close companionship.

When covid-19 hit, we had to shut down all our services. Although we could still keep them open but we did not after thinking about risking the lives of our clients.

There were many escort services that were still open but those services lack any responsibility and accountability.

But since we are the most reputable and popular escort service in Bangalore, we have to shut everything down.

But there were issues and we have to figure out how to keep the business running and how to keep the services running for our lovely clients without risking them.


Due to numerous requests from our clients and due to business needs we have to think of something that could keep our escort services running safely during covid-19.

The best way was to use technology and so we developed systems that would enable the clients and the escorts to spend time together through video calling.

They could go on virtual dates and they could arrange ambiences safely from their home and spend quality time.

This enabled us to become quite popular with our technologically knowledgeable clients and they began to appreciate our services.

There were also other options such as voice calling and texting and all the other usual ways of regular communication so that if someone did not want to have video calls then there were also other options for them.

However, one thing that we never did was that we never broke this protocol.  We respect our clients like anything and believe it is also our responsibility to make sure that they are safe and happy.

Slowly but surely covid-19 began to decrease but we still kept up our video calling services and still did not start the live meeting services.

Although some of our clients were being impatient but we still maintained protocol as we always do whether it is our legality or our services.


When the covid-19 restrictions were lifted we could not believe what we were hearing.  We were so happy to begin our services back again.

Before we did that, we made sure that all our schools were double vaccinated and that they were all physically fit in order to continue the escort services.

After we make that sure we started our services back again.

But there were a few problems that we had to face in the post-covid-19 world.

One of the biggest new problems that we had to face just after the covid-19 lockdowns were lifted was that our clients were often cautious about meeting the escorts.

We could understand that because covid-19 had just ended and we also could understand their concern and that is exactly the reason why we decided to find out a solution.

We had a simple solution in mind and that included gloves and mask and face shield and also sanitization.

This enabled us to safely visit our clients and spend quality time with them.

This also made sure that the confidence of our clients was again returning back to normal levels but it will be a long time before things actually get back to free credit Times.


These were the problems in general but let us talk about the problems we faced as escort girls.

During covid-19 and during the beginning, we went terrified as to how would we be able to keep our services active but like we said we used technology to overcome that.

We had a good understanding with our clients who respected us and relied on us for a good time and due to this reason, we were able to get back to all our clients after covid-19.

Although they were still worried about the virus and this tension is also very logical.

However, with time this tension also passed.


Our services are going quite well as of today, as we are seeing pre-covid levels of services and our clients are happier with our services than ever.

We are also seeing more beautiful escorts joining our services and we are also seeing the popularity and the reputation of our services going up as we are able to maintain the quality of our services.

We are also seeing young and adventurous men return to Bangalore after covid-19 and that is also ensuring that our premium escort services become busier.

Overall, we must say that all though covid-19 was difficult for everyone but it taught us a few valuable lessons.

One of the most important lessons that covid-19 taught us is to never give up on our dreams and our aspirations.

We found out that even during one of the toughest times we were still able to keep our services running and we were still able to keep our clients happy.

We also found out that endemic and after anything monumental such as that people will generally be afraid and we must not be demotivated by this.

Instead, we must always maintain protocol and government regulations at all times and always take care and keep our client’s health and safety the number one priority if we are ever to provide any services.

This is everything that kept us going and kept our reputation in that of being the best Bangalore escorts.

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