Choosing to be a model escort is a very satisfactory career option and it can make you not only satisfied but very rich in a little amount of time.

However, there are quite a lot of requirements if you want to become a model escort because there are a lot of criteria that you have to meet and some of these criteria are not in your hands.


  • In order to become a model escort one of the most important criteria that you must meet is that you must be beautiful in the classic sense of the term. You must also have an amazing personality and this industry is not for introverts.


  • You have to be a jolly person that is intelligent and knows exactly the temperature in the room and can be easy friends with anyone without being awkward.  Although being too outgoing and having too much of a personality is also not encouraged.


  • When it comes to body type, you must have excellent features and these physical features are unnecessity if you want to become a model escort. If you do not have good physical features that are generally accepted then you simply should not continue the process of joining the industry.


  • You must be someone who has very good hygiene and discipline because this is a very high-performance industry where you always have to be in your best shape and nobody wants to be with someone who is unclean or does not know manners.


  • You must have talents and by that what we mean is that you must not only dress well but you must know how to carry yourself and you must also know things that your high-class clients would like. You must know how to enjoy luxury and you must also know how to have a very high-class personality.



Now that we know what it takes to enter the industry, let us find out how you can enter the industry yourself and start a very successful career in being an escort.






The first and most important thing that you must do if you are trying to become a professional escort is to do research and find out and also shortlist a few of the companies and escort agencies that you like.


This industry is all about reputation and if you are with a good agency and company then you are going to stay safe and are going to have a very good career and if you fall into the wrong hands then it is quite unsafe.




After you have found a few agencies that you like, you must schedule an interview with a few of them. Before you do that, you can go online and find out what it is like to be interviewed for an escort agency and this will help you get a lot of ideas on how to act and how to be in that interview.


Look your absolute best but do not dress overly and maintain composure and also make sure that your hygiene is in the best capacity.  After you do that, you simply meet the agency and hope for the best for the interview.




Picking a name is not only a requirement in the escort industry but it is also a tradition and it also serves a very important purpose and that is to protect your privacy.


You have to pick a name that is appropriate and prominent in the region where you live and it might be different for different countries and also different states.


In order to pick a name, you must make sure that the name sounds unique and that the name is not too long so that the name is very easy to remember.


This will be one of the ways in which happy clients are going to request your services again.




After you have been selected and your interview is over and after you have been given some time to get yourself ready, you will be asked for a few good photographs or you will be invited to a professional photoshoot.


This is quite important for the portfolio that your company or agency will put up and that is why you must always follow the requirements of your company.


This is not a place for compromise and you simply cannot ask them that you do not like this kind of dress or this angle because if you say this then you are not made for the industry.


Now that everything is set you are ready to start working as a model escort and you are ready to be successful in this career which will not only give you a lot of excellent experience but will also make you financially stable.


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