Today we are going to talk about something spicy because today we are going to talk about female orgasms and break one of the most common myths about female orgasms.

The common myth about female orgasms is that it always has to be loud and their reasons why this is a myth.


The reason why it is a myth that female orgasms always have to be loud has been perpetrated by the adult film industry.

Most of the male population gets their sexual education directly or indirectly from x-rated films and it is something unfortunate because these films exaggerate a lot of things.

One of the things they exaggerate a lot is orgasm and that the orgasm has to be loud with loud screaming or moans. While it is definitely true for some women but it is not at all true for other women who get orgasms silently.

So let us break this by learning a little bit more about female orgasms.



Believe it or not, it is still one of the biggest mysteries that researchers are trying to find out about sexuality and there can be several reasons for it but there is no clear reason for it when it comes to evolution and biology.

The male orgasm is quite simple because it serves the purpose of delivering sperm to the vagina and it is exactly during that time that males experience orgasm.

However, things get complicated when it comes to females because there is no biological reason or evolutionary reason why females should orgasm.

However, one of the reasons that is widely accepted by most researchers is the fact that evolutionarily speaking there has been no need to eliminate the function of orgasm because it does not serve any purpose and it is not even harming any other purpose. That is why the female orgasm has stuck on for millenniums.



Female orgasms occur in several stages and the things that are common in the stages are an increase in heart rate as well as an increase in blood pressure and the breathing rate can also increase.

This leads to the spasms of the vaginal muscles and the twitching of the pelvic muscles which actually accentuates the effect of the entire orgasm.

This is the time when the female experiences orgasm and it is simply in stages of excitement and plateau and orgasm and then that diminishing of orgasm called the resolution.


The thing to understand here is that females can be loud if they want to during orgasm and females can be silent during orgasm and it totally depends upon them because sometimes many women experience orgasm in a certain way that might be intensified if they are loud during that moment.

Other times it might be that they can have an orgasm without being loud and some women actually prefer being silent during orgasm and there can be several reasons for it.



One of the reasons why women can be silent during orgasm is because of societal pressure because self-pleasing or even being loud during orgasm or intercourse is frowned upon by society and being loud might not be the best thing to do in a situation in certain societies or places.

This is why it is very difficult for some women to express orgasms loudly as they have been accustomed to being silent during orgasms so that there are no societal issues with it.

The other reason why women choose to be silent during an orgasm is simply that they feel better being silent without expressing their pleasure too much and keeping it inside.

Whatever the reason maybe it is a fact that some women are loud during an orgasm and some women are silent and silent orgasms are definitely a thing which is very common and in fact one of the most common ways by which females orgasm.


We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand silent orgasms and we hope if you are a female or a male you are better equipped to understand female orgasms after reading the blog.

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