Today we are going to talk about the topic and also a question that is probably asked a lot in the escort industry.

Today we are going to talk about escorting vs. prostitution and what is the difference between escorting and prostitution and we will talk about how sex work and escort service is different from one another.

Before that, let’s talk about a misconception that’s quite prevalent.


The biggest misconception that people have about escorting is that it is prostitution and they do not understand that they are can be a difference between the two.

Sometimes people even have the misconception that escorting is sex work without sexual penetration and that escorts are glorified sex workers.

There are other misconceptions as well; some people might have the understanding that escorting is sex work without any sexual protection.

We would like to clear everything out that all the above statements are false and there is quite a big difference between escorting and sex work.


Sex work or prostitution is exactly what it sounds like, it is the exchange of money for sexual favours and sexual services.

These services can be accompanied by other services for entertainment but if there is an exchange of money for the sole purpose that there will be exchange of sexual services then that is plain and simple sex work.

The definition of this is as simple as possible when you exchange money for consensual sex, you are paying for prostitution, and the person doing this is engaging with is a prostitute.

You can book a hotel or you can book a different venue and have dinner or you can plan other activities but when you are hiring a prostitute, your sole purpose is to get laid.

Before we explain what is escorting, we will have to give you this disclaimer that escorting is quite a detailed and nuanced service that is not about sexual services.


In order to find out the definition of escorting we will have to understand the basic meaning of it and also find out the origin of the word escorting and this is fairly easy to do.

If you want to find out the meaning of escorting you will have to understand the meaning of escort or to escort.

When you say you have to escort someone, that means you will have to accompany someone. In the most basic sense, this is what escorting means.

Escorting or hiring an escort is basically when you are paying someone to spend time with you and that means they have to invest their personality and their individuality and their energy with you.

They can accompany you to various places of prestige and social events and they can accompany you on candlelight dinners but you are paying for their presence and their personality.

When you are hiring an escort, you are not doing so to have sex with them because it is as simple as it seems.

In fact, sex work is illegal in India and if any escort agency advertises that they offer sexual favours then that is actually illegal and can land you in trouble.

Escorting is much more nuanced and it means that you are paying someone to accompany you on different experiences and escorts have to be professionals who exactly understand what they are doing.

While some might say that prostitutes also have to be professionals but if a prostitute does not have a good personality, then nobody cares but in the line of escorting a lady must have excellent communication skills.

Therefore, when you hire an escort, you can expect them to be excellent communicators and excellent people to spend time with as they are very friendly and communicative.


We will not tell you that it is explicitly legal in India because there is no rule as such that suggests that it is legal in India but we can tell you something even better.

Escorting is and will never be illegal in India because of the very definition of the service. Escorting is a social as well as conversational service and falls into that category of harmless services.

Escorting is seen as such a harmless service that there is not even a law that mentions whether it is legal or illegal because you are not paying someone to have sex but you are paying them to spend time with you.

It is like arranging a meeting with a speech specialist or therapist.

Therefore, you must never worry about that because you are simply hiring someone to spend quality time with and to talk with them and have a good experience with them.


The law about prostitution is quite complex but let us explain it in a simple way so that you can understand it and even stay away from it.

Prostitution is not illegal for the client if the client wishes to have consensual sex with an adult and there is an exchange of money.

However, it is illegal to sell it and also solicit it to someone and it is also illegal to have any establishment which is built primarily for the purpose of prostitution.

It is also illegal for prostitutes to advertise their work and to even do it in public.


It is totally up to you what you do with your money but if you are someone who is adventurous and passionate and likes conversation with beautiful people then you can definitely hire an escort.

The experience is going to be amazing and if you hire escorts from any reputable escort agency such as Masti With Aarushi escort services in Bangalore then there are a lot of benefits.

They have an excellent reputation for confidentiality which means that your identity is never going to get revealed and they are probably one of the biggest escort agencies in Bangalore with some of the most beautiful women.

You will have an amazing and refreshing experience if you hire an escort and especially if you are visiting Bangalore for a weekend, you can hire an escort and you can have a beautiful date with your beautiful friend.


The only conclusion that we would like to draw from this is that you can hire an escort and you can have an amazing and refreshing time with them and have a very good conversation.

However, if you want our advice, you should not hire a prostitute simply because it falls in the grey area of the law and if you are someone who is considered about your reputation then that is something you should stay away from.

However, it is your money and you know best what to do with it.


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