Sex work is a highly divisible topic and we are not going to talk about if it is morally alright or not or if sex work is bad. We are not going into that debate. What we are going to do is to talk about how to improve the lives of the people who are involved in sex work.

We all can agree on the fact that not everyone chooses to do sex work and we also can agree on the fact that certain circumstances might force people into this line of work. So, let us understand what are the things that can actually change the lives of sex workers, without being judgemental about their work.

We are going to talk about social inclusion and steps to make sure they are not discriminated against. We are also going to talk about their legal rights and human rights because after all they are humans just like us and they deserve certain rights and are entitled to equality just like us.

We are also going to talk about the impact of empowerment programs on sex work and how they can actually spread awareness about sexual wellness and health.

So let us look at a few keep points to empower sex workers in Bangalore and all over the country.




By law, sex work is not criminalised in India but that is by law because unofficially things are quite a lot different if you think about it. Sex workers are discriminated against everywhere and they are not even allowed to live among the general population. They are denied certain services by the government which is, of course, unofficially such as things like healthcare and other constitutional rights. We may or may not agree that sex work is legitimate work but we can agree that it does not take any reason to respect another human being whether you like them or not.

That is why the governments and people in power should aim to not stigmatize sex workers and if they do not agree with the work then they should educate the sex workers properly without ignoring them. This will have multiple benefits for society because this will stop things like sex trafficking and other things like physical violence and abuse.


While sex workers by law have many rights but those rights and protections are not exercised properly. That is why the local authorities should make sure that they are not being harassed as they are simply doing their job. We have excellent laws in our country that ensure equality for everyone but those laws simply need to be exercised so that everyone can stay safe including sex workers.

They should have easy access to social benefits and they must also be allowed to have their own institutions for their protection and their own unions that safeguard their rights and their freedoms. The authorities should simply help them exercise their basic human rights.


One of the primary reasons why someone gets involved in sex work is because of a lack of education. That is why it is important to provide access to education to the families of sex workers so that they might know the dangers of their occupation. It is also important to provide them with education simply because that will prevent them from letting their children engage in sex work. We are not talking about a very complex level of education but simple education such as that which helps people understand basic human rights as well as how to avoid abuse and how to avail healthcare etc.

Along with that basic education, if the authorities actually want to make a difference in the lives of sex workers, then there is something far more effective that they can do. It is to teach them important skills and help them in skill development so that they can engage in other occupations. It can be handicraft and it can be working in some other technical field as labour etc. If sex workers are given the opportunity for skill development, then they will never choose to go back to sex work again.


Bangalore sex workers should have more access to healthcare because there is still the stigma of society that prevents them from reaching out to local medical facilities for healthcare even if the government is making efforts for them. They mostly get their healthcare from hardworking NGOs. That is why the authorities should make an active effort to provide them with healthcare as well as sexual wellness education.

This is important because sex work can spread things like sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This can be a larger problem for the entire society and that is why it is very important to help them spread awareness about things like protection so that the entire society stays safe.

Along with that, the government should also make efforts to ensure that regular testing is done for things like HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) so that sex workers might stay safe themselves. And this healthcare should be without any judgement and it should be encouraged so that sex workers can visit these clinics easily for better treatment.


There are a lot of good organisations and NGOs that work specifically for the empowerment of sex workers and that is why these kinds of organisations as well as individuals should be encouraged. They should be provided the funds from time to time so that they can keep on doing the good work that they do for society which includes providing medical care to sex workers as well as taking care of their children.

These organisations should also be monitored and encouraged to actively listen to the voices of sex workers. This will enable them to provide more accurate support when and where needed for sex workers.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand how to empower Bangalore sex workers, however, if you are someone who is willing to hire sex workers then you should avoid doing so because it is unsafe and sometimes illegal.

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