There are a lot of myths about escorts in Bangalore and also the escort industry and these myths are actually very bad and even dangerous for the group of skilled professionals that we know as escorts because these myths tend to show the escort industry in a bad light and in a way that is actually not true.


We can even call them stereotypes and they are not true. The reason why we need to bust those myths is because they actually question the professionalism of escorts who are probably one of the hardest-working and one of the most honest professionals in any industry.


The best thing about this is that even if you do not read this blog, you will find all the common myths busted by escorts in Bangalore if you spend a little bit of time with them. You will also get to know a lot about different aspects of escort services such as safety measures taken by escorts as well as the importance that they give to health and hygiene etc. You will also know the importance of confidentially and privacy in the industry and the legal status of sex work in Bangalore along with what are the things not to do in Bangalore.


Let us look at these myths one by one about escort services in Bangalore and also escorts and understand the actual truth.




  • MYTH – The escort industry does not operate legally and escort work is illegal in Bangalore


TRUTH – Let us start with the biggest myth which is that the escort industry is an illegal industry and it cannot be far from the truth because the escort industry is in fact one of the most regulated and one of the most legal industries because while there is no requirement for any trade licence for escort agencies to work but agencies are still very respectful of laws different ways.


To ensure the safety of the clients as well as the escorts the escort agencies always stay in contact with the authorities which are the local police stations so that they can inform the authorities about their activities. And since they do not do anything illegal, they can talk to the authorities without any fear.


Escorting is completely legal all over India as well as in Bangalore and the authorities and the law actually look at escorting just like therapy because it is simply booking an appointment with a professional to spend time with them. It is not sex work.


  • MYTH – Escorts in Bangalore do drugs.


TRUTH – This is also one of the biggest myths that has unfortunately been spread by the media looking for sensational news but this is not even close to reality because you must understand that an escort is a professional just like any other person. That is why it is nearly impossible for a professional of this level to do drugs. They simply would not be able to function and maintain themselves.


Just to be sure we have a NO DRUG policy at Masti With Aarushi escort services Bangalore as we have no tolerance for drug users and that is why if we ever find any evidence of any of our escort girls using drugs then they will be fired that same day. We only hire and only respect healthy professionals just because we value and respect our clients and we do not want just anybody for our clients but only the best escorts.


  • MYTH –Escorts in Bangalore are prostitutes


TRUTH – It is very important for us to write this blog for breaking myths about prostitution in Bangalore. Escorts are not prostitutes, the escort service is a very complex service and prostitution is something very simple. In prostitution, you pay money for sex and there is an exchange of money for sex. When it comes to escorts, the client is paying money to simply spend quality time with someone who is beautiful and intelligent.


When someone is hiring an escort, they are not paying money to have sex but they are paying money to spend time with someone.  Think of it like therapy but with someone who is very hot and attractive and someone who will actively try to make sure that you are having the best time.  We respect client-escort boundaries and if the escort wants to have a physical relationship and intimacy with the client then it is their personal matter and choice. We do not have the right to interfere in it.


  • MYTH –Escorts are forced into this industry in Bangalore


TRUTH – This is probably one of the funniest myths because this myth tends to question the intelligence of escorts as if they are dumb and have been forced into this industry. It cannot be far from the truth because it is impossible to force someone to become an escort. An escort is a professional who understands the job and has to actively try to become an escort.


It is extremely difficult for someone to become an escort and especially at our agency we have a lengthy screening process to make sure someone is truly worthy of being in our agency before we hire them. And it is for these reasons that no escort agency will try to force someone into becoming an escort because it will simply not work because firstly that would be illegal and secondly the agency will not have a good escort.


We hope this blog about busting myths about escorts in Bangalore has been helpful for you to understand the escort industry in Bangalore a little bit better. The escort industry in Bangalore is a very regulated industry where a lot of safety measures are taken even by escorts such as the screening of clients. The escort agencies are extra careful about the health and hygiene of escorts. Bangalore is also one of the best places to hire an escort because confidentially and privacy are the two most important things for escort agencies like ours.


And if you are someone who is looking for such a reputable and legal as well as premium escort agency in Bangalore then we are here to help you because we are Masti With Aarushi escort services Bangalore, we are the fastest growing and most popular escort agency in Bangalore with some of the most stunning girls and we have every kind of escort from Desi to Russian and from petite to busty escorts and much more.


We welcome you to check out all our services and have an amazing time in Bangalore.

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