Shower sex is one of the best ways to have sex. While you will not have a lot of shower sex positions to choose from because the positions are limited but it is still very fun. What if you combine shower sex with escorts? Today, we are exactly going to do that.


Today we are going to talk about something fun and we are going to talk about shower sex with escorts. The important question is, should you try shower sex with an escort? The answer is a resounding yes if things get very naughty and romantic between you and your escort.


We are not going to talk about the benefits of shower sex or the pros and cons of shower sex. We are definitely going to tell you important things to keep in mind during shower sex. We are going to tell you how to have shower sex safely so that you do not have any injuries.


So, here are a few important things to keep in mind about safety while having shower sex with an escort.






If you know basic physics then you would agree that water and tiles are not good for friction.  That is why it can become extremely dangerous if you are trying to have sex and your bathroom is tiled. In fact, slipping and falling is one of the most common causes of injury during shower sex. The fact of the matter is that people are not very careful about their feet slipping when they are having sex. That is why if you plan on having shower sex then a simple thing to do would be to have a non-slip mat handy. These mats are not that expensive. You can get a simple and cheap mat on Amazon that is non-slip. But this will improve your experience so much that you will never think about slippery floors again. However, it might not be very practical to carry it around with you if you are meeting an escort in a hotel room. You can call the hotel in advance to simply ask them if they have non-slip mats in the bathrooms.




The thing about sex is that when you are having sex you simply do not have anything other than sex in your mind. This is not a problem if you are having sex on your bed because there is no chance of any accident. But this is a real issue when you are trying to have shower sex. This is because when you are having shower sex you might accidentally turn on the hot water faucet.  And regular hot water geysers can even produce boiling hot water. Combine that with the fact that you and your companion are naked and you have yourself a very dangerous accident. Additionally, people make the mistake of thinking that the water temperature is going to stay the same after they turn on the shower. Sometimes the temperature might fluctuate and the water might get too hot and cause burns. That is why the best thing to do would simply be to turn on the shower and wait a few minutes. This will help you get an idea about the actual temperature of the water. And when you are having sex try to keep your hands away from the water faucet.




Do not try gymnastics when you are having shower sex because it can become very dangerous.  Always try to opt for the most stable position. This is because you are in a very wet environment and the non-slip mat can only prevent your feet from slipping. But your hands are still going to slip if you do not have stability. Try holding something that is stable such as a water pipe and not just the wall. You must always keep in mind that you should not try risky positions. In fact, a simple way to know that you are stable is when you do not feel any additional strain on your body that is painful. That way you can safely have a very good and exciting time.




Our bodies produce natural lube during sex but when you are in the shower that natural lube can wash away and produce fiction. This can cause injuries in the genitalia and it will not feel good. That is why it is always important that you use lube when you are having shower sex. However, you must keep something in mind. Never use oil-based lubes in the shower. Oil and water don’t mix and oil floats on top of water. That eventually means a nasty fall on the floor. It will not only be embarrassing but potentially dangerous. That is why you should use shower-friendly lubes such as silicon-based lubes. They do not behave the same with water and you can safely use them in the shower.




There are a lot of potentially dangerous things that can hurt you in the shower. There can be things like glass objects such as shower doors. There can be metal objects such as different fittings and racks. There can be a lot of miscellaneous objects from the simple sink to the soap holder that can hurt you if you slip and fall. It can also hurt you if you lean on something that you are not supposed to such as glass doors in the shower or shower curtains. That is why you must always keep in mind and stay aware of your surroundings. You must always keep the safety of your companion in mind as well.


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