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As for being the best Bangalore call girl hiring agency, here are some of the services we provide.


While we do have a list of services but they are by no means absolute because they are extremely customisable. We can make sure to mix and match services so that you can get the perfect combination of all your likes in a single place. Perhaps you like roleplay and perhaps you like parting, if you give us the freedom, we are going to make sure to fulfil your roleplay fantasy in a party atmosphere as we will arrange everything from the smallest to the biggest detail. We are all about client satisfaction and if the client is not happy with a service and they want parts of that service changed then we can absolutely do that.



Pick-up and drop services are one of the most important services as for being the best Bangalore call girl services and we ensure we have one of the simplest and most efficient pickup and drop services for our call girls. Hire them from anywhere in the city and we will drop off your favourite and attractive call girl and after you have had your sensual fun, we will pick them up responsibly and at the appropriate time. You do not need to worry about anything because we understand secrecy and we keep everything anonymous and under wraps so that no one else other than you will know. We provide simply the best Bangalore call girl services.


Hygiene is quite important and especially in this post covid time. We ensure that all our call girls are professionals and maintain proper hygiene and are always tested for covid and for STDs every week so that we can ensure that our clients can have a safe experience. We also train our call girls to maintain hygiene which means they always clean up before and after so that you do not need to worry about unclean and bad unhygienic habits.



We have a 24/7 support and communication call line so that you can call us anytime to resolve any issues that you might have.  VIP call girls in Bangalore are only provided by us at Masti with Aarushi and we take our reputation for good service quite seriously.


We take the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients too seriously and clients can only be satisfied when they are sure they are getting discretion and privacy. That is the reason why we have not only the most secure systems out there that ensure the privacy of our clients but we extend that level of privacy when we hired escorts. We have one of the strictest screening processes out there before we hire anyone as an escort. We make sure to do background checks on them so that we can understand their professionalism along with their personality and skills. We do not just hire anyone off the street because that is not what high-

profile escort agencies do. We look at their prior experience and we look at their ability to fulfil this role with one of the most reputed escort agencies in Bangalore.



If you are someone who appreciates convenience then you are going to love our Bangalore escorts and services because we provide one of the best incall services out there. All you need to do is hire your favourite escort from the best Bangalore escort agency Masti with Aarushi and we will take care of the rest. In the days when outcall services are the norm and when incall services are charged a lot, we bring you the most affordable and premium incall escort service in Bangalore.


Having the best incall escort service does not mean we do not have outcall services because we are one of the few Bangalore escort agencies to have both incall and outcall escort services. We have kept our services this way so that you can choose whatever you like. When you choose our outcall services you can be assured that we are going to provide you with a location that is nearest to you so that you do not have a problem with transportation. We are also going to provide you with the best accommodation when it comes to outcall services. The sky is the limit when it comes to quality of service and we are definitely up there.



We understand that you might be very busy and that you might have a very cluttered work schedule. That is often the case with our clients and that is why we have simple flexible scheduling. We are going to compromise and reschedule the appointment as many times as you want for your convenience. We are all about your needs whether you hire regular hourly escort girls in Bangalore or the most high-profile Bangalore escort service among our services.


If you want to know if any escort agency is the best then it is not just about the convenience and the services they provide but it is also about the escorts that they provide. That is exactly why we can assure you that we have one of the best selections of escorts for all your fantasies and all your fetishes and all your desires. If you want satisfaction then you do not need to go over to any other escort agency for any kind of specific and niche escort service because we have everything at Masti with Aarushi. If you want to find out the kinds of escorts we have then it’s just below.




This is probably the most popular and also the most common type of escort you can hire at Masti with Aarushi. These are not specialised escorts because these are all-rounder escorts and they are excellent when it comes to companionship and social interaction. Our clients usually hire them to take them to parties and social events and fashion shows. Companionship escorts are excellent at conversation and are excellent at supporting clients and helping their confidence in very particular social circles. Companionship escorts are excellent when you want the world’s focus on you.


If you are someone who likes adventure and if you are someone who likes to travel then these are the Bangalore female escorts that you would like. Travel escorts are generally younger escorts who are energetic and adventurous and would love to accompany you on exotic adventures. They can also be mature escorts who can accompany you on business trips and beautiful quiet vacations. However, they are a specialised category of escorts who understand the thrill of travelling and who understand the romance involved in travelling with someone who is passionate like yourself.


Perhaps you are very artistic and you like to take things to a new level when it comes to having private intimate fun. Perhaps you like to be the police and you like to chase the sexy busty thief and arrest them in fur handcuffs. Perhaps you like to be the naughty boy in the class with the busty teacher. Or perhaps you are the disciplinarian who likes to discipline naughty teenagers. Then this is the perfect kind of escort for you. Roleplay escorts are very enthusiastic and full of imagination and can act exactly as you want them. They provide a very immersive experience that is not just about spending a romantic time with your escort in a hotel room but much more. Turn your wildest fantasies into reality with roleplay sports at Masti with Aarushi.


If you are someone who is very hard working then you are also someone who must be quite tired. That is why massage escorts at the perfect escorts for you because they can combine two of the most amazing things, massaging and escorting, into a single service. Get one of the most sensual and relaxing experiences in the world right in your hotel room and experience pleasure with relaxation. This is one of the most amazing and luxurious services that we offer and our clients who hire massage escorts are often the happiest people at the end of the service. We offer multiple selections of oils and massage techniques along with a good selection of extremely skilled massage escorts who can massage you into pleasure. Come experience paradise today.


Dinner and social escorts are quite popular because they are the perfect escorts if you simply want to have a beautiful dinner. However, dinner and social escorts can get confused with companion escorts. Companion escorts are there to provide companionship in any situation but social escorts are there so that they can be with you on very intimate and social occasions. We have some of the finest dinner and social escorts who can blend into any atmosphere and who can make sure that you are always in the presence of a very sexy and fun companion if you get bored at any party.


Girlfriend experience escorts or GFE escorts are one of the most unique escort services we provide because this is a type of escort as well as a service. GFE escorts will provide you with the experience of being with your girlfriend. It is because these escorts will provide you with the exact experience of being in a relationship with all the fun and intimacy but without the emotional baggage that comes with a relationship. If you are fun and adventurous then these are the perfect escorts for you.


If you are someone who needs to organise an event and you want the womanly touch that comes with it then this is the perfect escort for you because you are going to have a lot of fun organising amazing events. Event planning escorts will spend the day and the night with you where you can have all the sensual fun that you want as well as do some planning. They are also going to accompany you to the event so that you can have an amazing time together.


Sugar baby escorts and not difficult to understand because if they are the sugar baby then you are the sugar daddy because sugar baby escorts will be the naughty companion that loves to get gifts. Sugar babies are usually very young and enthusiastic. You can gift them flowers and they are going to be extremely happy with it and you can even gift them expensive items if you like them very much. It is essentially a lot of commitment when it comes to sugar baby escorts but the fun is ten times better. While sugar baby escorts are rare as a service but since we are the best Bangalore escort service with definitely have them.


If you are someone who likes to have fun for a prolonged time then overnight escorts are perfect for you because they are going to stay with you for the entire night. Have all the romantic conversations that you like and engage in all the naughty and sensual fun with your beautiful companion. These escorts are for the limitless gentlemen who do not like time constants and who do not like to have fun by the hour but for the whole night. This is considered a premium service but the fun is also going to be on an entirely different level. Engage in all the fun nightly activities and have an amazing memorable time.


If you are someone who really likes models then this is the kind of escort for you because model escorts are going to be national and international models who are also escorts. These escorts are active models who maintain their model figure along with their model charm and they can spice up your morning, evening or night. If you like it desi then you can hire desi models or if you like it international then you can hire international Russian models for all the international fun without getting a visa.


If you are someone who loves deep conversations with someone who is not only extremely sexy but very intelligent and knowledgeable then this is the perfect escort for you. Intellectual companion escorts are extremely fun to talk with as they will not only understand your deep thoughts but they will actively engage in them so that you can have deep romantic conversations. They are one of the rarest escorts out there but we definitely have them at Masti with Aarushi.


Perhaps you do not like to spend time with teenagers and young escorts and you want someone with experience but also high sensual energy then mature escorts are perfect for you. They can be middle-aged mature escorts or they can be spicy cougars. You are going to have a very comfortable and amazing time with these experienced escorts because they know all the tricks and techniques in the industry to satisfy a man who is very passionate and adventurous. They may not be at the prime of their age but they are definitely at the prime of their mind.

This was just a small sample of the wide selection of escorts at Masti with Aarushi the prime destination for the finest female escort services in Bangalore. We welcome you to check out our amazing services and we welcome you to start your journey of pleasure and select the perfect sexy beautiful companion you like in Bangalore.