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From all the years of running a successful escort agency in one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India, we know that our clients are sophisticated and they have sophisticated taste. Our clients are very selective of what they choose and how they choose it and our clients notice all the small details and all the major details and that is why our escort services ensure that our clients are greeted with the same level of sophistication and intelligence from our premium escort girls.

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We value choice at Masti With Aarushi and we understand that our clients can have different expectations and different needs and they can also have different preferences when it comes to hiring escort girls. This is the case with any person that they might like a certain type of body and that they might like a certain type of complexion and we appreciate this uniqueness of choice.

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This is one of the most popular services that we provide that Masti With Aarushi as most of our clients are in hotels in Bangalore as they come for business trips or other important work and that is why we understand the importance of our sexy escort girls as our clients hire them to relax. That is why we have one of the most convenient exotic hotel fun services where we can arrange anything and everything right inside your hotel room and you do not even need to go out of your room. We can bring you the escort girl as well as all the fun things that you would like to have when you date and have fun with your escort and we can even arrange candlelight dinners and much more for your exotic hotel fun. We can arrange this in your hotel room or we can even arrange a hotel room for you so that you can simply visit the hotel room and everything will be ready for you.


There are so many things to do in Bangalore whether you spend it alone or with independent escort services and girls of Bangalore because you can do so much and explore this beautiful city but it is always fun to explore it with someone who is not only smoking hot but charming and understands the culture and knows how to have fun with you around the city. You can start in the morning and we can arrange any kind of transport that you like so that you can take your beautiful companion around the city to explore the city and try out different cuisines and look at beautiful sites and experience Bangalore with someone just like your girlfriend or wife. It is always better to explore something with someone who is very hot and you can hire exotic escorts including Russian escorts for the whole day and have unlimited fun.


One of the most exotic fun ideas that you can turn into a reality is to take your beautiful female escort for a rural retreat where you get to experience amazing waterfalls and visit amazing villages and stay in exotic forests where you can have unlimited fun in your rustic cabins. And you can also go on adventure camps with your beautiful friend and you can stay in romantic tents in the beautiful forests and have a very romantic and peaceful night together. This is one of the sexiest plans out there and we can turn it into a reality for you because this is something that requires imagination and courage and we know you have both and we also possess the extreme will to make sure you are satisfied. You can definitely stay in your hotel room in the city or you can explore the outskirts of the city where you can have fun on a different level which no one has experienced before.


Have you ever heard of role-play because it is one of the most fun things to do with your call girls and escorts because it brings an entirely new level of sexiness to the private fun. Instead of being yourself you and your companion can pretend to be someone else for example you can be the strict policeman and your beautiful female escort can be the thief as you go to arrest her with passion. You can create ultimate numbers of exciting combinations of scenarios and have your escort play different roles with you so that you can pretend to be someone else and have amazing exciting fun with them and the best thing about this is that we encourage such amazing times and we will also make sure to arrange everything required for the role play. We are always there for our clients at Masti With Aarushi.


Bangalore Escorts

We know you have good taste and we know you like sophistication and only high-class females who are on the level of your sophistication and intellect because it would be a downer to be with an escort who does not simply understand what you say let alone try to give you a good time. That is why you should hire from us at Masti With Aarushi because we have high-class female escorts who only travel in high society and know all the norms and manners of the level that you are used to.

They will not look odd next to you and your refined sophisticated manners and they are super-hot which always helps the situation. You can take them anywhere with you and they can accompany you to high society events and high-end events and fashion shows and everywhere else and they will be the perfect complement to your handsomeness because they are not just any escort but premium VIP escorts available only at Masti With Aarushi. We welcome you to check them out on our website.



Sonam - Hotest escort in Bangalore

I am a sexy chick and I like to flaunt my sexiness in the world and show how amazing I can be in the right company and I have found my right company in Masti With Aarushi. This is not just a job for me but this is a lifestyle where I get to meet some of the manliest and most passionate men who like to give me attention and show me how special I am to them. They like to care for me and I love being there sweetheart as we go on passionate adventures throughout the city and have unlimited fun.

Shanaya - GFF Escort in Bangalore

I really love working for Masti With Aarushi because they take care of my needs and the best part about this agency is that they have some of the best clients who understand me and appreciate me because of my sexiness and I love the hot romantic dates that I go to.


Rosy – VIP ESCORT in Bangalore

  • When I joined this agency I did not think that I would have a career as an escort because I had misunderstandings about this job but it’s been 4 years as an escort in Bangalore with the best escort agency and I have nothing but gratitude for this profession because I can maintain my high-class lifestyle and only meet the most passionate and adventures men.


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